It was very difficult for me to translate the Japanese and Buddhist Spirit.
If you want to know more Buddhist information, I recommend Thich Nhat Hanh’s website and books because I can’t explain.

  1. 1.About Sorasaki-annainin
  2. 2.Commitment
    1. 2-1.Material: Japanese cypress grown up in Ooi-river basin
    2. 2-2.Eye: Expression of Buddha’s wisdom and mercy
    3. 2-3.Smooth slippery head to touch
    4. 2-4.Concentration
    5. 2-5.Make it just for you
  3. 3.International shipping

1. About my work, Sora/saki/an/nai/nin

I support to live well and positively. As a means to that, I am offering a small wooden Buddhist statue.

I am producing and selling small Jizou, Kojizou-san, which can be put in a coffin. Buddhist believe that he (actually, Jizou is neutral, not male or female) saves all living things. Komari-chan is a statue of affectionate mother, not a Buddhist statue, can be had any religion. I created it for my Christian friend.

Please use them as a talisman and a companion for daily life, travel and hospital visit, moral support for end-of-life care.

Take it in your hands and pat its head if your mind is upset. It can set your mind at ease. When your loved one dies, you can put it in the coffin and send it “Please lead him (or her) to the heaven”.
smooth head

If someone who is precious to you is missing with Tsunami, I suggest that you float Kojizou in the sea like a bouquet. Then it will find their soul, I think. If you want to do it, let me know, so I will fix it on the wood pedestal for free. It is all made of wood, without plastics, will not pollute the sea.

Farewell is sometimes hard and unbearable. Your mind may be exhausted during the period of end-of-life care. In such days, you can spend mind peacefully if there is anything to be comforted. If you feel Jizou show the way to heaven for you or your loved one, it can ease your mind.

To be exact, I create them for those who live rather than after death, for those who are left.

The pilot will guide the ship for safely arrival to the port. We call pilot “Mizusaki(=water area) annainin(=guide)” in Japanese. I named this activity as Sorasaki(Sky area) annainin(guide). Sora in Japanese means sky in English. I hope to provide Jizou as a light leading the soul of the deceased to sky(heaven).
Kojizou in the sky

Facing to life is also to live honesty. I am honored if my work can help you.That is what I pray for.

2. Commitment

2-1. About Ooigawa Hinoki (Japanese cypress grown up in Ooi-river basin)

I carve my creations out of Japanese cypress grown up in Ooi-river basin. The trees were raised with great care by Ochiai Seizai Co., Ltd, will become good quality wood. They were scraps of wood building materials and fated to be burned as firewood. I wish to make full use of the life of those trees. They could not become wooden house, but could be holly ones!
Japanese cypress grown up in Ooi-river basin

I am agree with Mr. Ochiai who thanks the grace that nature gave us and wants to use all without any waste (It’s the very Japanese “Mottainai” spirit!). I will be happy if you understand that and take my creations. I will add cypress wood chips when there is an empty space on the packing.

You can give a new role to the wood pieces which could not become wooden house. They will work hard for you with pleasure.

Avoid water wet and direct sunlight, otherwise the wood will be broken.

2-2. Eye: Express of Buddha’s wisdom and compassion

Kojizou and Komari’s eyes have the same shape as the eyelids of Buddhist statue. I wanted to express not only cute but also wisdom, strictness and strength, and gentleness.

2-3. Smooth slippery head to touch

I make it slippery so as to be comfortable and pleasant touch. You will feel relieved by touching. I will not use the rasp according to the rule of making Buddhist statue. I carve it only with graver.

2-4. Focus my mind onto creation

I clear my mind and concentrate on my work. I hope that there is not my own intention but something great in the statue.

2-5. Make it just for you

At online shop, I will create a basic set of Kojizou or Komari for you.


3. Shopping in English

At Etsy, you can buy it in English. But my own online shop is still preparing English (now only Japanese).

International shipping

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